EVAR Hands-on Course including techniques for vascular access and closure

November 8-9, 2018 at Basle University. This two day EVAR hands-on course aims to teach standard EVAR procedures, which will be practised using real-life EVAR grafts and sophisticated simulators. The course has accreditation of the DGG for the training in endovascular surgery (14 CME Credits).

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MedTech 100% Compliant Third Party Organised Procedure Training

Course contents

  • Discussion of anatomic requirements for standard EVAR
  • Aneurysm sizing on dedicated EVAR planning software
  • Case planning and discussion of merits of different stentgraft models
  • Practical work on the Vascular International flow models
  • Deployment of real-life stent-grafts from several manufacturers
  • Cannulation and placement of contralateral limb
  • Crossover manoeuvre, through-and-through wire technique
  • Vascular closure of percutaneous large calibre (>12 French) access
Target group
  • Vascular surgeons
  • interventional radiologists
  • interventionally active angiologists.
Convenors   Lorenz Gürke, Severine Dziergwa, Daniel Staub, Christoph Zech, Thomas Wolff

Location     –  Map

Holsteiner Keller
Hebelstr. 30
4031 Basel

Fee   CHF. 1’500.- / 1’350 if paid 3 months in advance

Registration and payment

Your application will be confirmed by email with an invoice attached. With online-registration, you will have the opportunity for immediate payment via Paypal (=all major credit cards), and immediate definitive course confirmation.
Please transfer the payment within 10 days, otherwise the provisional reserved space is released.

The number of participants is limited for technical reasons. Registrations will be confirmed by email upon arrival of the payment (first come first served).
Cancellation: Replacements will be accepted, please communicate immediately.

Any Questions? Please contact VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL per email info@vascular-international.org or Phone +41 41 610 54 34. Thank you.