Vascular Embolisation Course (NEW)

November 7, 2018 at Basle University. This 1-day interdisciplinary course is designed to teach practical skills for embolisation. (SGR-SSR 8 credits)

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MedTech 100% Compliant Third Party Organised Procedure Training

The main focus is lying on the preparation and application of embolic agents. The attendees can practice in small groups on dedicated simulators for catheterisation and embolisation.  For the simulator training sessions experienced tutors are available.

Embolisation of blood vessels is a basic skill for interventional radiologists, which is frequently needed in everyday’s clinical routine. Embolisation procedures are for example used to stop internal bleeding, for treatment of endoleaks post EVAR-treatment or as a dedicated tumor therapy in interventional oncology. Depending on the anatomical regions and the clinical aims, different embolic agents can be used, such as vascular plugs,
endocoils, calibrated particles or liquid embolic agents.
This course wants to provide a broad overview about different
embolic agents and techniques and offers the opportunity to
test them on 3D flow models.

Course contents

  • To learn the basics of embolisation
  • To appreciate the mode of action of different embolic agents
  • To practice the handling of different embolic agents
  • To learn techniques for appropriate catheter placement
  • To learn how to work with coils and liquid embolic agents

Short theoretical slots will provide the basic knowledge of different embolic agents, contrast media, angiography units and
radiation protection.

Target group

  • Radiographers
  • Radiologists with interest in interventional radiology

Covenors    Lorenz Gürke, Severine Dziergwa, Daniel Staub, Christoph Zech, Martin Takes

Location     – Map

Holsteiner Keller
Hebelstr. 30
4031 Basel

Special Fee for a new course  CHF 550.- / 495.- if paid 3 months in advance

Registration and payment

Your application will be confirmed by email with an invoice attached. With online-registration, you will have the opportunity for immediate payment via Paypal (=all major credit cards), and immediate definitive course confirmation.
Please transfer the payment within 10 days, otherwise the provisional reserved space is released.

The number of participants is limited for technical reasons. Registrations will be confirmed by email upon arrival of the payment (first come first served).
Cancellation: Replacements will be accepted, please communicate immediately.

Any Questions? Please contact VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL per email or Phone +41 41 610 54 34. Thank you.