Vascular International at EVC 2021- Live from Maastricht

March 7-8, 2021 Open AAA repair hands on workshop– Learning a safe technique to implant an infrarenal bifurcated graft to replace a AAA


  • Introduction
  • Edited video of real-life open AAA repair
  • Division of aorta
  • Back wall of proximal  anastomosis
  • Front wall of proximal anastomosis
  • Distal anastomosis left
  • Distal anastomosis right
  • Discussion / Q&A

Moderators: E Mujagic , H Mendel (VI Tutors)

For more information and registration:

Session 1 Sunday March 7th 15.00-16.30

Session 2 Monday March 8th 15.00-16.30

In collaboration with EVC and Getinge