VI ENDO WEEK: Complex endovascular aortic repair (BEVAR, FEVAR)

October 23, 2024 Vascular International Training Center in Sarnen (Lucerne), Switzerland (8 CME)

This 1-day interdisciplinary course is designed to teach practical skills in endovascular treatment of complex aortic pathologies. The attendees can practice endovascular techniques in small groups on dedicated virtual simulators. The main focus is lying on different techniques, devices and the decision making process. For the simulator training sessions experienced tutors are available. The course is aimed for advanced vascular surgeons.

Course content

  • To learn indications for treatment in complex aortic disease and the scientific evidence
  • To learn endovascular materials and tools
  • To learn the workflow of FEVAR and BEVAR in complex aortic disease
  • To learn complication management and follow-up of patients
  • To practice on sizing software
  • To practice on virtual training simulators

Program (download detailed program)

08.45-09.00       Registration

09.00-09.15       Welcome, Introduction, course targets

09.15-09.45       Indication for treatment, decision-making process, scientific evidence

09.45-10.15       Knowledge of materials and tools; stentgrafts and bridging stents

10.15-10.45       Break

10.45-11.15       Demonstration of sizing software; Case discussions (case in the box)

11.15-11.45       Workflow of FEVAR and BEVAR

11.45-12.30       Complication management and follow-up of patients

12.30-13.15       Lunch

13.15-16.45       Practical exercises on training simulators and case discussions in four groups – rotation (45 min per station, one tutor each station, depending on number of participants):

Station 1: simulation training 1

Station 2: simulation training 2

14.45-15.15       Break

Station 3: case discussions, case in the box

Station 4: case discussions, case in the box

17.00-17.30       Discussion, Feedback session

17.30                  End of course

We are looking forward to your participation.

The course convenors


This event is a Third-Party Procedure Training.

This event is to be assessed as a Third-Party Procedure Training. MedTech Europe Members may provide direct sponsorship to Healthcare Professionals attending this event. See Assessment Criteria: Overall status of event


General Information

Course fee:  CHF  1150.- if attending 2 or more courses during the ENDO WEEK CHF 1’035.-


Vascular International Training Centre
Residenz Am Schärme
‘Grüner Saal’
Am Schärme 1
CH-6060 Sarnen
Location map

Contact phone number during the workshop +41 41 610 54 34


Vascular International
School for Vascular Surgery
Stanserstrasse 111
CH-6064 Kerns


Website Vascular International

The number of participants is restricted.

We do accept substitute participants; please inform us as soon as possible.

Supporting Partners


Supporting Societies

– Swiss Society of Vascular Surgery (SGG)
– UEMS, Division of Vascular Surgery


This course is valued with 8 credits by the Swiss Society of Vascular Surgery.

There are 3 courses offered during the VI ENDO WEEK:

October 21 – Vascular embolization course

October 22 – Endovascular peripheral interventions

October 23 – Complex endovascular aortic repair (BREVAR, FEVAR)