Newsletter 9/2019

Dearest colleagues and friends of Vascular International


It is our pleasure to introduce our upcoming Vascular International hands-on courses to you. All our courses are MedTech 100% Compliant Third Party Organized Procedure Training. The training atmosphere at our courses is intensive but relaxed, and full discussion is encouraged. Limited seats are available, so please register early and join us for an enriching learning experience.

The lifelike models and simulators of Vascular International are also used at the FEBVS Examinations in Hamburg, Germany (september 2019) and Maastricht, the Netherlands (March 2020) so participating in the training courses of Vascular International is an excellent way to prepare for the FEBVS examinations.

Please click here for an overview of our course program or click here for a video about our Lucerne Courses.

We look forward to meet you at one of our courses.

On behalf of all course directors and tutors,

Afshin Assadian, Lorenz Gürke, Klaus Klemm and Jürg Schmidli

VI European Vascular Master Class, Lucern, January 2020


From January 29 – February 1, 2020 we will organize the world famous 28th VI Master Class at the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne. This Master Class provides excellent hands-on experience on pulsatile realistic models to perform open straight forward and complex aortic reconstruction, endovascular aortic repair , carotid endarterectomy and distal bypass surgery as well as virtual simulation for iliac and renal interventions, and is appointed with 22 CME Credits.

This worldwide unique Master Class has proved over the last years to be a very effective postgraduate training method for vascular surgeons. The techniques used are part of the fellowship of European Board of Vascular Surgery (FEBVS) exam. The success of this Master Class is in great part due to the importance of practical training on state-of-the-art infrastructure and the intensive supervision by the multilingual European tutors’ team who has vast experience in vascular surgery and teaching.

The close tutor-trainee interaction guarantees an intensive learning process. Also the instruments, light conditions and video transmission are sophisticated. You will operate on unique inlays in groups of two or three, using original vascular grafts, sutures, endomaterial (i.e. wires, catheters, balloons, stents) and abdominal and thoracic endografts. Limited seats are available, so please register early! For more information click here.

VI Fundamentals in Vascular Surgery Course, Lucern,  January 2020

From January 26 – 29, 2020 we organize our Fundamental Course at the Swiss Hotel Management School in Lucerne. This basic workshop provides excellent hands-on experience on pulsatile realistic models to perform open straight forward arterial repair and distal bypass surgery.

It is particularly designed for junior vascular surgeons at the beginning of their specialist training as well as for surgeons of all operative specialities like general, abdominal, trauma, orthopaedic, plastic, gynecological and urologic surgery (18 CME Credits).

Please click here for more information

VI Cardiovascular Course, Lucern 2020

Vascular International introduces for the first time from January 26 to January 28, 2020 a cardiovascular surgery course.

The comprehensive course (14 CME Credits) on type A aortic dissection will be on our new life-like thoracic model with pulsatile flow. This specific workshop is intended to cover the therapeutic approach and the whole range of surgical techniques in type A aortic dissection and is designated for advanced cardiac surgery trainees and young consultants. Please have a look at the program here.

VI Vascular Access Hands-on Course, Lucern, January 2020

This 2-day intensive, hands-on experience course, which is is organized from January 29 – January 31, 2020 at the Swiss Hotel Management in Lucerne, aims at teaching young surgeons in the strategies of access planning and in the concepts of vascular access creation (16 CME Credits).

The course addresses the needs of both beginners and experienced vascular and general surgeons. In teams of two, the participants will learn to perform various arterio-venous fistulas (AVF) in the forearm and upper arm and to place arterio-venous grafts (AVG) in a safe manner. Experts in the field assist you in improving your technical skills and share their knowledge and experience with you to create long-lasting vascular accesses. For more information click here.

Comprehensive Courses of Surgical Anatomy and Open Vascular Surgery Techniques May 4- 9, 2020, Bern (CH)

These popular courses will be held at the Anatomical Institutes of the University of Bern. The courses are based on practical dissection of 5-7 cadavers (legs, arms, thoracic aorta and supra-aortic arteries) under the guidance of expert tutors. The school’s goals are the teaching of topographical and surgical anatomy, surgical basic practices, advanced open surgical techniques and innovations. The arm and leg courses are open to Vascular Surgeons in training. The thoracic course is designated for Advanced Vascular Surgeons. For more information please click here.

Other upcoming Training Courses by Vascular International or third party organized training courses in collaboration with Vascular International September – December 2019






Getinge Thoracic Surgery Course, September 13-14 2019, VI Training Center Sarnen (CH)FULLY BOOKED

1st French Advanced Course for War Vascular Surgery, September 19-20 2019, Clamart/Paris (FR)

DGG certified training course Endovascular Surgeon,  September 30 – Oktober 3 2019, VI Training Center Sarnen (CH) – FULLY BOOKED

Getinge Open and Endovascular Course, October 4-5 2019, VI Training Center Sarnen (CH)

ASSET, Advanced Surgical Skills For Exposure In Trauma , Oktober 15 2019, Skills Lab Luzern Hospital (CH)

Gefässchirurgische Notfallkompetenz für operative Fächer, Oktober 11-12 2019, Bundeswehr hospital Ulm (Germany) – German spoken

Einführungskurs für Endovaskuläre Techniken, November 28 2019, VI Training Center Sarnen (CH) – german spoken

Getinge Endovascular Course, November 29-30 2019, VI Training Center Sarnen (CH)

Sonographie der Venen zur Erlangung des Fähigkeitsausweises «Endovenöse Thermoablation» (Sektion ICAN der SGUM), December 6-7 2019, Luzern Hospital (CH) – German spoken

«Point of Care Ultraschall» (POCUS) Modul Gefässe (Sektion ICAN der SGUM), December 6-7 2019, Luzern Hospital (CH) – German spoken

About Vascular International

The Vascular International (VI) School for Vascular Surgery is committed to the idea of an enhanced training and learning of vascular surgical techniques using lifelike models. With maximised patient safety as priority, it is the goal of our foundation to constantly improve vascular surgery training in order to support the safe and efficient open vascular and endovascular patient care. The practical training and the emphasised step-by-step practice of open and endovascular procedures take top priority. Our course participants get enough time for repeated practising and enjoy one-to-one teaching by our experienced tutors.