Vascular Courses

VASCULAR Kurse1VASCULAR INTERNATIONAL courses are recognised worldwide for their highest quality and their unique combination of practical training, theory and precise usage of innovative industrial products. The course programmes and teaching methods are constantly further developed based on scientific evaluation of the individual learning success and learning curve. VI courses offer the full spectrum of open and endovascular surgery. New courses are available for shunt- surgery and ultrasound. Many vascular societies now integrate VI courses in their training programmes. They are a perfect preparation for the European vascular surgery specialist exam of UEMS. Since 1991, more than 2,000 participants have been trained in more than 90 national and international courses.

What is special about VI courses?


  • Conveying of standardised open and endovascular techniques at the highest level
  • Focus on practical lifelike training on pulsatile models
  • Acquisition of manual and cognitive competences
  • Further development of VI models and teaching concepts
  • Structured course models, step-by-step learning of basic and complex techniques
  • Training in small groups (3 to 4 participants per tutor), shorter learning curve
  • International well-known and experienced tutors
  • Target and theme-centred courses, basic courses, master classes

What are the goals for VI?

  • Conveying enthusiasm and pleasure for vascular therapies
  • Encouragement of “team approach” in vascular surgery and vascular medicineVASCULAR Kurs4
  • Conveying of the idea of continuous practical learning
  • Continuous further development of the course contents and structure (feedback sessions)
  • Conveying of all vascular surgical competences for maximum patient safety
  • Conveying essential aspects of radio protection
  • Conveying of morphometric know-how to plan endovascular aortic procedures

Who can participate in VI courses?

Basic courses:VASCULAR Kurs2

  • Vascular surgical assistants in their first or second year of training
  • Colleagues of other various surgical disciplines (surgery, abdominal, trauma, cardiac, paediatric surgery, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, urology, gynaecology and many more)

Master classes:

  • Vascular surgeons prior to the national or European specialist exam (UEMS)
  • VASCULAR Kurs3Experienced vascular surgeons (refresher courses)
  • Colleagues from other vascular subjects (for example radiology, angiology and cardiology)
  • Nursing and instrument nursing staff